The Benefits Of High-End Cables For Audio & Video

The Benefits Of High-End Cables For Audio & Video

High-End Cables For Audio

Have you ever talked to someone who is a real geek about their beloved and super expensive audio system? These people pin you to the wall about all the fancy components they bought, that are supposed to improve the quality of sound that their audio system delivers.

High-quality speakers are the most obvious part of such a system and we all know that, if you want good sound-quality, you have to invest some money here. A high-end amplifier is the second key component. If you are after an audio system that others can only dream off, dig deep into your pocket, so you don’t end up with a cheap device that brings awful results.

The last component that especially salesmen claim makes all the difference are high-end cables, which connect audio source, amplifier and speakers to one another. But can you really make out a difference between cheap and an expensive audio cables, if the rest of the setup is exactly the same? Or is this just a marketing gig and there is no difference between cables in terms of sound quality they can deliver?

The Facts

First of all, there is no point in denying that super low-quality audio cables can only deliver low-quality sound. The reason being that there are flaws in the manufacturing process, and cheap material is being used.

stereo system

If we compare inexpensive, but decent-quality cables to high-end cables on a single-speaker monophonic system, almost everyone would find them to be very close or exactly the same. This changes, however, if we move to a stereo system. Here, high-end cables will provide a clearer, more focused sound image. Why? In stereo the two speakers are required to recreate a single sound source. If the signal from the first speaker is not in-phase with the second, because its contribution is low frequency and the other is providing high-frequency, the sound image will seem “blurred” and difficult to locate.

High-End Cables For Video

If we mention high-end cables for video, nowadays, we are talking about HDMI-technology. Again, if you want good video quality, you need at least a decent TV and video source in the first place. But what about high-end cables? Does it make sense to spend up to several hundred dollars for a HDMI cable that is supposed to improve our cinematic experience?

To put it briefly, so called “high-end” video cables are a rip-off and except for durability, they have no benefit over a cheap cable that would justify their sometimes ridiculous price. There is no picture or sound-quality difference between a 8-foot-long HDMI cable for $5.99, $99.99 or $299.99, even if retailers want you to believe that.

HDMI cable


As we have seen on the one hand, if you put emphasis on the best sound quality and an expensive amplifier and speakers are already part of your audio system, high-end cables can make all the difference and improve the sound quality even more. On the other hand, you really can’t improve picture quality by switching from a cheap to an expensive HDMI cable. Both cables transmit a digital signal and that’s what it’s all about.

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